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How Does Assessment for Aged Care Services Work?.

Need more help at home? There are a range of aged care packages and programmes available to help you stay as independent as you can in the comfort of your own home.


However, before you can get these services, an assessment needs to be carried out. The word assessment can be daunting, but in this case all it means is someone will ask you some questions to work out how much and what type of help you need.


Some of these questions will be about:

  • Any support you are currently receiving
  • Your ability to perform basic daily tasks
  • What you feel you need help with
  • If you have any health concerns




The Assessment Process


  1. Ring My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422.
  2. The My Aged Care staff member will ask you questions about the above
  3. They will tell you what support you need and whether home support assessment, comprehensive assessment or no assessment is needed.
  4. (If you need either of these assessments) the My Aged Care staff member will organise a time for these to be completed.


To make the assessment process as easy as possible for you, a family member, friend or carer can be with you during the assessment. You don’t have to make any decisions during the assessment, you can wait until it’s over and you have all the information.


Alternatively, Independent Care is happy to meet you at your home for a complimentary assessment at no additional cost.


If you’re still unsure or want more information visit or call Independent Care on 0400 162 261.






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