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Ideas on Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia.


Here are 4 suggestions that may need considering when looking after someone with Dementia.

1/ Do some research.

Know who you are caring for. Understand how Dementia will affect everyday life.


2/ Find support lines.

Family and friends cannot be around 24/7 to help. Find aged care service providers like Independent Care to help.


3/ Make some changes.

The average home may not be safe for someone with Dementia. Rather than major renovations, inexpensive changes can be made i.e. a night light in the bathroom enabling better vision at night. Contact us for some safety suggestions.


4/ Family and loved ones need attention too

Often, you are so busy look after your loved one with Dementia, you don’t realise how stressed you have become.Have a day off once in a while to let yourself relax. You need it – we’ll assist you in every way possible.


After years of experience of looking after people with Dementia in their own home, we’ve gained knowledge in this area and here are some tips for independence.


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