Domestic Care

Domestic Assistance

Maintaining a clean and comfortable home

A clean and healthy home is part of the care we offer. The level of domestic assistance required is something we discuss with all parties at the initial assessment stage. This can range from standard household chores performed on a regular basis, to light cleaning as needed, or even a thorough spring-clean from time to time.

If your family member needs to move from one home to another, we can ensure the premises are spic and span before a final inspection, and that their new home is clean and ready for them to move into. This can include unpacking and ensuring the new home feels as comfortable as possible.

Our support workers can also help with meal planning, preparation and grocery shopping. They might not be restaurant chefs, but they take regular meals, good nutrition and healthy eating seriously.

Domestic services

Independent Care offers a broad range of domestic assistance, including the following services:

  • general household chores: dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
  • kitchen chores: wiping benchtops, dishes, cleaning fridge, monitoring use-by dates, sorting cupboards
  • meal preparation: planning weekly meals, cutting vegetables, preparing or defrosting fresh meals
  • helping with grocery shopping: making lists, transport to and from shops, help with navigating stores and transactions, unpacking groceries
  • cleaning wet areas, such as bathrooms, toilets and laundry areas
  • washing, ironing and putting clothes away

Call today to discuss the most appropriate level of domestic assistance for your loved one.

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