Social Care

Social Care

Keeping life fun!

A life filled with friendship and new experiences is something we can all enjoy. Whether it’s a day out shopping, catching up with friends over coffee, a visit to the gallery, or relaxing under a tree at the local park, it’s all part of the social care our support workers provide.

We work closely with your family to assess the right level of social care required. We want your loved one to feel safe and comfortable so they can enjoy their social outings, from casual get-togethers, to special occasions.

If necessary, arrangements can even be made for our carers to accompany a family member on interstate or overseas travel.

Social care services

A healthy social life is an essential ingredient to keeping active and engaged. Our support workers can plan and provide assistance for social outings which might include:

  • transport to and from events
  • attending events such as dining out, church services or the cinema
  • pre-arranging seating, accessibility and even meal portions at restaurants
  • ensuring any special food preparation or dietary requirements are met
  • helping to select clothing for events or holidays
  • assisting in dressing rooms when trying new clothes

To find out more about the social care services we offer, call and chat with our friendly, qualified staff.

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